Is 0x0000ffff the default load count of a dll in windows?


Using windbg, got the list of dlls with load count by !dlls command. Observed that the load count is 0x0000ffff for many loaded dlls.
Is that a default value ?
Is that mean anything else ?

      0x00262fa8: C:\WINDOWS\system32\ole32.dll
      Base   0x774e0000  EntryPoint  0x774fd0b9  Size        0x0013d000
      Flags  0x80084006` LoadCount   0x0000ffff  TlsIndex    0x00000000
             LDR**strong text**P_ENTRY_PROCESSED


From The Covert Way to find the Reference Count of DLL:

The load count for a DLL is a 16-bit value. If that value, treated as a signed short, is -1 (0xfffff) it indicates the DLL is statically linked, otherwise it’s dynamically loaded.

Answered By – Michael Burr

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