Is it possible to exclude specific commits when doing a git merge?


Let’s say that I want to merge from a release branch to the master branch and there are some commits in the release branch that I don’t want to include in the master branch. Is there a way to do the merge so that one or more of those commits will not be merged?

My strategy so far is to do the following (in master):

git merge --no-commit release-branch
# Resolve conflicts and apply reverse patch of the commits that I don't want included
git commit # Edit commit message so that it lists the commits that have been reverse-patched

Is there a better way to do this?


Create a new branch, rebase the branch interactively and drop commits you don’t want, and then merge that.

You can’t take changes out of the middle of a branch without rehashing, but the right thing will happen when it sees the same changes in a later merge (e.g. from cherry-picking and what-not).

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