Is there a Markdown viewer in Android Studio?


I’ve added a to my project and am using it actively as I go along writing my app. I’d like to finalize it before pushing to GitHub but I don’t see a way to preview the markdown in Android Studio.

I saw something about a plug-in possibly being available, but it looked a bit janky. Is there something being used commonly use out there?


Ok, so with my version of Android Studio Chipmunk | 2021.2.1 Patch 2, the Jetbrains Markdown plugin is pre-packaged and automatically installed. BUT, the preview panel doesn’t work in the Android Studio version of Jetbrains out of the box. There’s already a great write-up on this: []. Here’s the summary:

  • Check for the Markdown plugin at File | Settings | Plugins
  • If that’s installed, follow the instructions in the link above to change the Java Runtime for the IDE to one with JCEF (Java Chromium Embedded Framework) support: Shift + Ctrl + A to open search. Search for "Choose Boot Java Runtime for the IDEā€¦", execute it, select a runtime with JCEF in its title (like the default), and hit Ok to install it.
  • After reboot, opening a *.md file will show a preview pane!

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