Is there a PyTorch lightning equivalent for tensorflow?


I saw PyTorch Lightning advertised as PyTorch but for people who don’t want to worry so much about the underlying methodology. This narrative is on the PyTorch lightning website but also here for example.

For hardware reasons, does something similar exist for TensorFlow? I have a code example for neural nets here written in PyTorch and PyTorch Lightning and need help to rewrite it in TensorFlow.

Thank you so much!


Probably the best association would be Keras (formerly separate from but now for some time integrated in TF – you can you Keras as a high level API).

Note that you can also use tensorflow_addons (I personally enjoy working with it) package and other libraries&wrappers that come into the aid of TensorFlow, because since Keras is integrated into TF, you will be also very likely to use them on your Keras code.

Answered By – Timbus Calin

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