Is there a thing in similar to streamTime in discord.js?


I’m using the package youtube_dl for the play music command.
After a while, now I’ve been working on the rewind & forward commands, I have implemented a basic seek command using ffmpeg options, so the only thing left is just to find the position of the track being played by the bot, so that I can seek (position +- ) to go to that position of the track. The only thing I’ve figured out is to count the progression of the track like this.

async def count_progress(self):
        if not self.on_count:
            self.on_count = True
            while self.is_playing:
            await asyncio.sleep(0.99)  
            self.queue._queue[0].progress += 1
            self.on_count = False
    except (AttributeError, IndexError):
        self.on_count = False

I found that discord.js has something called streamTime, is there anything similar in if not is there any better way than just counting the progress?

Update: I have forgotten about this post I made but ever since I have found a really nice solution to this problem.

What I did was making a custom class to count the bytes read by the player. (Thanks to this issue I made)

class CalculableAudio(discord.PCMVolumeTransformer):
    def __init__(self, original, start, volume: float):
        self.played = start
        super().__init__(original, volume=volume)

    def read(self) -> bytes:
        self.played += 20 # reading 20 frames at a time (1 sec = 1000 frames)
        return super().read()

Then whenever I want to find the seconds played I just need to do this:

seconds_played = ctx.voice_client.source.played//1000


I found this piece of code in ( one of the modules of ) which is responsible for playing audio:

       while not self._end.is_set():
            # are we paused?
            if not self._resumed.is_set():
                # wait until we aren't

            # are we disconnected from voice?
            if not self._connected.is_set():
                # wait until we are connected
                # reset our internal data
                self.loops = 0
                self._start = time.perf_counter()

            self.loops += 1
            data =

            if not data:

            play_audio(data, encode=not self.source.is_opus())
            next_time = self._start + self.DELAY * self.loops
            delay = max(0, self.DELAY + (next_time - time.perf_counter()))

Therefore If you do :

loop_count = ctx.voice_client._player.loops

This gives the loop count which the playing thread has gone through, which can be useful for representing the time position of the audio.

time_position_in_second = loop_count // 50

I would also recommend doing a floor division of 50 to convert it into seconds, since the loop runs every 20 ms which is 50 times in a second.

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