Is there a way to get Round/Circle icon on Android Studio


I’m working on an application on Android Studio and decided to try and change the app icon to a circle shape since it would look better. I connected this to my Huawei phone decided to see if it would work but unfortunately it instead outputted the default square icon. The strange thing, however, was when I ran the application on an emulator, the icon was circled shape.

Is there something extra I’m supposed to do when it comes to physical devices?


You can generate your icon through Android Studio’s asset studio, but there is this Launcher icon generator that helps with that and you can choose a circular shape, then when you are finished, just copy and paste the generated files on your resources project directory, and use them on your manifest.xml.

If you use the second option, it will be the same on all devices, just kepp in mind that on Android 10+ when your app. is installed it will automatically draw a squared rounded shaped around your icon

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UPDATE 2022:

Now includes android, ios, web, play store banner and more.

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