Is there an equivalent for the 'content' rule that works on elements?


I want to apply the content rule to an element that isn’t a pseudo element:


#element {
    content: 'foobs'


<div id = '#element'></div>

I then wish to retrieve the computed style via javascript:


console.log(window.getComputedStyle(document.body, '#element').content ) //=> 'foobs';

This works perfectly when using a pseudo element instead of #element, but I want to use a real element for compatibility reasons (IE7 +).

In short, an alternative to the content rule that works on true elements.


There isn’t one; the content property is only applicable to the ::before and ::after pseudo-elements. Especially if you’re looking to set content on elements programmatically "for compatibility reasons" and ::before/::after is not available, you won’t find such a solution with CSS. In such a case, you will have much better luck using JavaScript or a server-side solution than using CSS for a lot of other things, not just generated content.

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