Is there JavaCard 3.0.4 SDK for Linux?


I am developing an applet with JavaCard 3.0.4 version.

I have downloaded and installed SDK with Oracle installer (

And I found only *.bat (converter.bat and etc.) and there is no linux scripts.

But version 2.2.1 and 2.2.2 have versions for Linux.

Any thoughts?


No, there aren’t any official releases for Linux anymore to my knowledge. Neither are the Ant commands supported anymore. I wish there were, but they seem to have been sunk. You might want to nicely ask your vendor, as the manufacturers have direct influence in the Java Card Forum. In the end the Java Card SDK is an Oracle product though, so they have the final say.

Note that all functionality is contained as platform independent within JAR files, and that the Java Card API runtime itself doesn’t depend on the host platform either. It is therefore perfectly possible to create ant files and / or shell scripts based on the batch files delivered by the Java Card SDK. Look for more info at the answer of Martin Paljak.

Answered By – Maarten Bodewes

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