Java – how to check whether another (non-Java) process is running on Linux


I’m having some weird problems with this.

We are using Xvfb virtual desktop manager and want to make sure it’s running before I continue. Using pure shell, I could do this easily:

    ps -ef | grep Xvfb | grep -v grep

And that gives me exactly what I need, a single line containing information about the Xvfb proc. Next, I want to incorporate this into my Java program and parse the results and store the PID of the running Xvfb process. So I am trying this:

    String line;
    try {
      Process p = Runtime.getRuntime().exec("ps -ef | grep Xvfb | grep -v grep");
      BufferedReader input = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(p.getInputStream()));
      while ((line = input.readLine()) != null)
    } catch (Exception err) {

The bizarre thing is that if I use “ps -ef”, I get a huge list of processes dumped to my console when I run my app. But if I use | grep to narrow the list of processes returned, I get zero results. input.readLine() gets null every time.

I have also tried:

    ps -ef | grep Xvfb | grep -v grep | awk {'print $2'}

To just grab the process id. Also, no luck.

Has anyone else experienced this or know what I’m doing wrong?


You’re trying to use the “|” which is a pipe function that is particular to the shell, therefore you cannot do it in the java process. You could just try getting the process ID by using pidof Xvfb.

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