java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot convert string value 'UNIFIED_TEST_PLATFORM'


I tried adding dagger to my project by adding
implementation "$rootProject.dagger2Version" (based on answer of Liubomyr Protsyk in: this question)

in build.gradle and It resulted with "Could not get unknown property ‘dagger2Version’ for root project …" which I understand, what I cannot understand is why after removing that line I cannot sync gradle project… Every try to use "try again"
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results in:

Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot convert string value 'UNIFIED_TEST_PLATFORM' to an enum value of type '$BooleanFlag' (valid case insensitive values: APPLICATION_R_CLASS_CONSTANT_IDS, TEST_R_CLASS_CONSTANT_IDS, TRANSITIVE_R_CLASS, JETPACK_COMPOSE, ML_MODEL_BINDING)

any ideas how to fix that? I honestly have no clue, so any help will be appreciated.


In case anyone has the same error, you need to update Android Studio to the latest version

Answered By – Gabriel

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