Javascript – Converting a number to two decimal places while keeping zeros


I have number without decimal places and I want to convert it to two decimal places (while keeping zeros) and keep its number type.
I have tried it like this:

$scope.invoice_data.form_data.items_shipping_handling = parseFloat(($scope.invoice_data.form_data.items_shipping_handling).toFixed(2));
console.log(typeof $scope.invoice_data.form_data.items_shipping_handling); 

But it parseFloat doesn’t take into account decimal places if they are zeros.
So if I have 2 I want to convert it to 2.00 //number.
Thank you for your time. I mention that the code is in angular so if it is any angular way of doing it I am open to suggestions.

Details: I cannot simply use toFixed(2) I need the result to have decimal places but to keep its number format, toFixed() converts it to string. I need it to be of number type!


Numbers dont have a “number of decimal places” – they’re internally just a series of 1’s and 0’s. To display a number to a set number of decimal places you can use toFixed

var value = 2;

If you’re trying to round a number to a set of decimal places one way is to multiply by 100, round it and then divide by 100

var value = 2.123456
var rounded = Math.round(value*100)/100;

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