Kotlin coroutines: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'void androidx.lifecycle.MutableLiveData.postValue(java.lang.Object)' on a null object reference


I have some errors in Retrofit2 and Kotlin Coroutines technologies. I need to dynamically query an info in my service.

For example, the URL is "https://exampleapidomain.com/api/sub_categories/read.php?id=2" I want to change id parameter dynamically.

My service:

interface AltKategoriService {

    @GET("alt_kategoriler/" + Const.READ_URL_PIECE)
    fun getId(@Query("id") id: String?): Call<Resource<AltKategorilerResponse>>

    companion object{
        fun build(): AltKategoriService {
            val interceptor = HttpLoggingInterceptor()
            interceptor.level = HttpLoggingInterceptor.Level.BODY

            val okHttpClient = OkHttpClient.Builder()

            val retrofit = Retrofit.Builder()

            return retrofit.create(AltKategoriService::class.java)

My DataSource file:

class RemoteAltKategorilerDataSource : AltKategorilerDataSource {
    override fun getSubCategories(): Flow<Resource<AltKategorilerResponse>> = flow {
        try {

            val call = AltKategoriService.build().getId("2").execute()
            if (call.isSuccessful) {

                call.body()?.let {

        } catch (ex: Exception) {

I get the following error:

Attempt to invoke virtual method 'void androidx.lifecycle.MutableLiveData.postValue(java.lang.Object)' on a null object reference" and then, app crashes.

I’m waiting for your answers and code examples. Thank you!

Edited. My ViewModel:

class SubCategoryViewModel: ViewModel() {
    private val altKategoriRepository = AltKategoriRepository()

    init {

    var loading: MutableLiveData<Boolean>? = MutableLiveData()
    var altKategoriLiveData = MutableLiveData<AltKategorilerResponse>()
    var error = MutableLiveData<Throwable>()

    fun getUsers() = viewModelScope.launch {
            .asLiveData(viewModelScope.coroutineContext).observeForever {

                when (it.status) {
                    ResourceStatus.LOADING -> {

                    ResourceStatus.SUCCESS -> {
                        Log.e("Message", it.data.toString())

                    ResourceStatus.ERROR -> {


Kotlin class initialisation takes place in the following order:

primary constructor -> init block -> secondary constructor

As no initialisation is done neither for var loading, var altKategoriLiveData nor var error class members of SubCategoryViewModel by the time getUsers() is called in the init { } block, you get the exception resulting in the app crash.

Regarding your implementation of the MVVM pattern, it contradicts to that of the official Android documentation, where a View is supposed to call a corresponding method of ViewModel explicitly or implicitly.

Answered By – Onik

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