Laravel DB Insert Error: Allowed Memory Size Exhausted


I’m running into an issue when trying to insert ~20K records into my DB. I notice that even though I’m echoing inside my foreach loop, I’m not getting anything outputted in the command line. Instead, I get an error after inserting ~9440 records relating to…

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried
to allocate 91 bytes) in
/Users/me/Sites/Laravel/database/connection.php on line 293

Here is my code (tried using both Eloquent and Fluent):


class Process_Controller extends Base_Controller
    public function action_migrate()
        $properties = DB::table('raw_properties')->get('id');
        $total = count($properties);

        foreach ($properties as $x => $p) {
            $r = RawProperty::find($p->id);
            $count = $x + 1;

            $prop_details = array(
                'column' => $r->field,
                // Total of 21 fields


            echo "Created #$count of $total\n";


This error depicts that your PHP script has exhausted memory limit due to insufficient memory allocated for script.

You need to increase memory_limit using the ini_set function
e.g ini_set(‘memory_limit’,’128M’);

Answered By – Rubin Porwal

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