Laravel – Eloquent join query not working


I’m doing a simple join query of job_roles and operations table.
The fk is the column job_role_id of operations references to the column id of job_roles.

Output that I need is get the total count of data from operations where operations.structure_cost is not equal to job_roles.cost_type

I have a working query created in MySQL Workbench using this code below:

SELECT COUNT(*) as total
job_roles t1
operations t2 ON t2.job_role_id =
t2.structure_cost != t1.cost_type
t2.master_id = 1; ### get operations only for auth user

Below is my query in Laravel that don’t work. Count that I’m getting in below data example is 3 which is wrong, Count should return 1 as what is indicated in the where clause

enter image description here

table name: job_roles

enter image description here

table name: operations

enter image description here


Third parameter of where function is used as a value and not as a column name. Use whereRaw function

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