Logging true condition of big if(.. || ..) statement


I use Java and I want to determine in logs which statement caused the condition to be true. I have got big if with a lot of ORs. Something like below:

if (StringUtils.isTrue(foo.getArg1)
    || StringUtils.isTrue(foo.getArg1)
    || StringUtils.isTrue(foo.getArg2)
    || foo.getArg3.equals("T")
    || foo.getList1.isEmpty()
    || //and so on...) {
       return true; }

and i would like to get something like:

if (StringUtils.isTrue(foo.getArg1)) {
   log.info("Arg1 made statement true")
          return true;

if (StringUtils.isTrue(foo.getArg2)) {
   log.info("Arg2 made statement true")
          return true;

if (foo.getList1().isEmpty()) {
   log.info("List1 made statement true")
          return true;
   }   //etc...

Is there any tricky way to get effect like this in more generic way, without a lot of if statements ?


You can have a helper logger method that writes a given message to the log if the boolean passed to it is true:

public boolean static logIfTrue (boolean value, String msg) {
    if (value) {
    return value;

And use it:

return logIfTrue(StringUtils.isTrue(foo.getArg1),"Arg1 made statement true") ||
       logIfTrue(StringUtils.isTrue(foo.getArg2),"Arg2 ...") ||
       logIfTrue(foo.getArg3.equals("T"),"...") ||
       logIfTrue(foo.getList1.isEmpty(),"...") ||
       //and so on...;

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