'Manage Remotes' problem in PhpStorm for Git


I want to use manage remotes to share my project on Bitbucket and GitHub. But there is a problem. When I add a git link of GitHub to manage remotes section, and then when I click push, GitHub seems but Bitbucket doesn’t seem. Screenshots are below.

enter image description here

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.git config like this:

enter image description here

If I write Bitbucket to remote in branch section and push again, this time it pushes to Bitbucket. But I want to push both at one time. Thanks for answers.


Unfortunately, PhpStorm doesn’t support pushes to multiple remotes.
As a workaround you could set in your config "pushUrl" like this:

[remote "github"]
    url = <url1>
    pushUrl = <url1>
    pushUrl = <url2>

Or as mentioned in comments, use the following commands:

git remote set-url --add --push origin git://original/repo.git
git remote set-url --add --push origin git://another/repo.git

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