Master branch won't pull updates from local branch


I created a branch using these commands "git branch placeorder" in my terminal locally, and it was created successfully but when I had committed and pushed my changes, they were not overwritten in my master branch. When I went on Github I saw that I had a branch and a pull request so I thought let me pull the changes but that causes some complications and I decided to delete the branch from github. I still have access to the branch locally but when I try to do "git pull" in the terminal while on the master branch it won´t overwrite my updates and says that my branch is already up to date. Any help will be much appreciated.


You can just merge your placeorder branch into your master branch.

First git checkout master to assure you are in master branch;

Then git merge placeorder to perform the merge.

You can find more information about merge in git documentation here

Answered By – Abilio Castro

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