multer I can't display my react app images


Hello my problem is that I use multer to store them on my server and their path on mongodb, but I can’t get them to display on my react application.

thanks in advance for all the help.


You need to send the data from React in FormData, example:


import multer from "multer" // const multer = require("multer")
const upload = multer()
// in your route"/any-route", upload.array("name_id", 10), () => {
    let file = null
    if (req.files && req.files.lenght > 0){
     file = req.file[0]
   // and this file you can send to MongoDB

In react you need use FormData

const FormData = new FormData()
FormData.append("name_id", file) // this file is the file you want send

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