MySQL create view joining two tables


How can I create a view that merges different columns with a different table? I have three tables for example: users, items and gifts (in this example it’s a system that a user can give a gift to another user)

users table has information about users, items table has information about items and gifts table shows which user sent what gift to which user.

What I want is to create a view like following:

user_from | user_to | gift_name  | gift_price
sally     | john    | Teddy Bear | 10


You must join the three tables first. Example

SELECT user_from, user_to, gift_name,
        d.price gift_price
FROM    gift a
        INNER JOIN users b
            ON a.user_from =
        INNER JOIN users c
            ON a.user_from =
        INNER JOIN items d
            ON a.item =

Answered By – John Woo

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