MySQL partitions based on last two digits of a column


If i have a database of 100 million of records and would like to do search with less time as possible!

CREATE TABLE `my_table` (
`number` BIGINT(12) NOT NULL,
`name` VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL,
`address` VARCHAR(150) NOT NULL,
PRIMARY KEY (`id`) ,
UNIQUE INDEX `my_table_u` (`id` ASC, `number` ASC) USING BTREE

and it has data like this

(1, 981776166221,'name1','address1')
(2, 499383722122,'name2','address2')
(3, 983765018762,'name3','address3')
(4, 986544567897,'name4','address4')
(5, 990876544335,'name5','address5')

And i will only search by number and number filed is arbitrary numbers consist of 12 digits XXXXXXXXXXXX.

I was thinking about doing MYSQL partitioning by doing 100 partitions, each carry records that has number filed ends with exact two digits as follow :-

p1 (ends with 01), 
p2 (ends with 02), 
p3 (ends with 03),
p45 (ends with 45),
p99 (ends with 99)

so that if i’m going to search for number = 765372819827 it might be clear it will search inside partition 27 since last two digits are 27.

Does it really makes searching more fast ?

How can i set partitions by that way (based on only last two digits of number filed)?


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PARTITIONing is possible, but it is not likely to speed up your queries. Since converting the table is a big chore, let’s discuss other ways to improve the performance. Please provide some examples of "search" queries. From there, I may be able to advise on better indexes. If not, I will advise on how to best use Partitioning.

If number = 765372819827 is the only "search", then simply INDEX(number) solves your problem by changing the query from "check 100M rows" to "check 1 row".

And do Drop my_table_u.

Answered By – Rick James

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