MySQL SELECT DISTINCT multiple columns


Let’s say I have columns a, b c, d in a table in a MySQL database. What I’m trying to do is to select the distinct values of ALL of these 4 columns in my table (only the distinct values). I tried stuff like:

SELECT DISTINCT a,b,c,d FROM my_table;
SELECT DISTINCT a,b,c,d FROM my_table GROUP BY a,b,c,d;

None of those worked. Can anybody help out here?

Thank you

NOTE I want the distinct values of the columns a, b, c d separately. Not the distinct combination of values


can this help?

(SELECT group_concat(DISTINCT a) FROM my_table) as a,
(SELECT group_concat(DISTINCT b) FROM my_table) as b,
(SELECT group_concat(DISTINCT c) FROM my_table) as c,
(SELECT group_concat(DISTINCT d) FROM my_table) as d

Answered By – Nesim Razon

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