New Flutter project only has .idea folder and .iml file


this is my first time actually posting a question on here, despite already having frequently browsed this wonderful platform for answers before, so apologies if there is something missing or if it isn’t too clear.
I’m somewhat new to flutter and android studio, and am currently wondering why when creating a new flutter project on android studio, only the .idea folder and .iml file appear under the main folder []
I’ve also run flutter doctor and while it did show 2 issues, I’m almost positive they were already present before and did not pose a problem []


Please follow the following guide Set up an editor to set up your editor to work with Flutter, and then Test drive to create a Flutter project.

.idea is a folder that is created by Intellij IDEA and contains metadata about your workspace like settings, run configs etc..

.iml contains module metadata.

For the chrome issue, try running
flutter config --enable-web

Answered By – Dimon

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