ngx-webcam open front camera by default in mobile


<webcam (imageCapture)="imageCaptured($event)" [trigger]="capture$" (initError)="handleInitError($event)">

On mobile real camera open by default. I want to set front camera by default.



//facingMode: string = 'environment'; Set rear camera 
facingMode: string = 'user';  //Set front camera
allowCameraSwitch = false;

public get videoOptions(): MediaTrackConstraints {
    const result: MediaTrackConstraints = {};
    if (this.facingMode && this.facingMode !== '') {
        result.facingMode = { ideal: this.facingMode };
    return result;


<webcam (imageCapture)="imageCaptured($event)" [trigger]="capture$" (initError)="handleInitError($event)" [videoOptions]="videoOptions" [allowCameraSwitch]="allowCameraSwitch">

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