No such app found after I change my heroku app name


When I create a new Heroku app it gives me

but this URL is not conventional to my app so I change the app name in the Heroku site buzzing-api and then Heroku gives me a new repository

in stack its shows

Stack heroku-22 will replace Heroku-20 on the next deploy

So I try to re-deploy in my terminal but says

remote: ! No such app as obscure-plains-01212.

how can I add a new repository in the previous Heroku repository to avoid this error


You renamed the heroku app so your heroku repository url is also changed. But most probably you didn’t change your heroku remote git url in your local project. Running these 2 commands should do the job:

git remote rm heroku
git remote add heroku

Answered By – Sagor Mahtab

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