Non-deprecated alternative to body-parser in Express.js


I am going through the book Web Development with Node and Express and have hit a snag.

I was instructed to put the below in my application file, but it looks like body-parser is deprecated and will not work. How can I achieve the same functionality?

This is my current code:


app.get('/newsletter', function(req, res){

    // we will learn about CSRF later...for now, we just
    // provide a dummy value
    res.render('newsletter', { csrf: 'CSRF token goes here' });
});'/process', function(req, res){

    console.log('Form (from querystring): ' + req.query.form); 
    console.log('CSRF token (from hidden form field): ' + req.body._csrf); 
    console.log('Name (from visible form field): ' +; 
    console.log('Email (from visible form field): ' +; res.redirect(303, '/thank-you');


From: bodyParser is deprecated express 4

It means that using the bodyParser() constructor has been deprecated, as of 2014-06-19.

app.use(bodyParser()); //Now deprecated

You now need to call the methods separately

var bodyParser = require('body-parser');



And so on.

Answered By – Alex Alksne

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