NullPointerException after mock object in test


I have a getDefaultRetryInstance which can be used to retry a call when have exception

class VertexGetTaxResilience(var retryRegistry: RetryRegistry) extends Serializable {
    private val logger = LoggerFactory.getLogger(this.getClass)
    val GET_VERTEX_TAX_RETRY_DEFAULT_NAME = "getVerTexTaxDefaultRetry"

    val defaultVertexRetryInstance = Retry.of(GET_VERTEX_TAX_RETRY_DEFAULT_NAME, retryRegistry.getConfiguration(GET_VERTEX_TAX_RETRY_DEFAULT_NAME).get())

    def getDefaultRetryInstance(): Retry = {
        // default retry instance configured in yaml"Retrieving default retry instance: {}", GET_VERTEX_TAX_RETRY_DEFAULT_NAME)

I’m using this function.

val invoiceRequestResult = Decorators.ofSupplier {...}.withRetry(vertexGetTaxResilience.getDefaultRetryInstance())

Here is how I do a mock for this retry object, but I got "java.lang.NullPointerException was thrown" above, how can I fix this?

 val vertexGetTaxResilience: VertexGetTaxResilience = null
 val retry = Retry.ofDefaults("getVerTexTaxDefaultRetry")
 //val vertexGetTaxResilienceMock = mock[VertexGetTaxResilience]


I fix this by using reflection for object.


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