On an Android Device where is located SQLite database, created by Room library


Where is located an app SQLite database created by Room library on a device?

I have an app which create and use a Room database. To debug the database I would like to open it in a SQLite viewer app but I don’t know where the database is located on a testing device.


Whether you use Room, OrmLite or SQLite in Android all are located within databases folder of application package.

You can access the databases folder by following below steps.

  • View > Tool Windows > Device File Explorer

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From Device File Explorer go to data folder in which all the application packages are stored. Make sure that Emulator or device is connected.

  • data > data

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Then, find you application package and go to your database.

  • com.company.my > databases > yourdatabasename.db

enter image description here

You can then save your database in your computer and do anything you want with it.

enter image description here

I use SQLiteBrowser to browse the database.

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