On MacOS, launching Quasar-Framework/Capacitor dev command targeting Android or iOs fall back to prompt with nothing


Using Quasar following commands fallback to prompt without any further actions. IDE is not launching as it should.

    quasar dev -m capacitor -T android


    quasar dev -m capacitor -T ios

Nothing, not even an error message. What is wrong? What shoud I do?

Edit : Command build works for Android and ios

    quasar build -m capacitor -T android


    quasar build -m capacitor -T ios

How do I make dev working ?


I got same behavior when I copy my project from Windows to make some tests on iOS. So you have to give execution permision to /src-capacitor/[email protected]/cli/bin/capacitor

    sudo chmod +x /src-capacitor/[email protected]/cli/bin/capacitor

Hope it will you going further.

Answered By – Geemee Theway

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