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How do you open a path in explorer by code in c++. I googled and couldn’t find any thing but systems commands to do this, however, i dont want it to block or show the console window.


You probably are looking for the ShellExecute() function in shellapi.h. It is called with an "action verb", a path, and optional parameters. In your case this will want either "open" or "explore" as follows:

ShellExecuteA(NULL, "open", "C:\\", NULL, NULL, SW_SHOWDEFAULT);

This will open an unattached explorer window at C:. ShellExecute() will give basically the same action as typing in a command at the Run dialog. It will also handle URLs, so the following will open up the user’s default browser:

ShellExecuteA(NULL, "open", "", NULL, NULL, SW_SHOWDEFAULT);

Although make sure to pay attention to the note in the documentation that ShellExecute relies on COM (Although your code doesn’t have to worry about any COM objects itself).


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