openstack attach volume to instance had problem but shown on linux with lsblk command but can not mount and can not delete with any command


I have a problem with attaching volume to instances on Openstack.

e.g. the volume had problem to attach, this volume shown on OpenStack Cli by openstack volume list , but does not attach properly on instances (Linux instance ) and on Linux cli only shown with lsblk command and can not mount and delete with any ways . ( fdisk , cfdisk , sfdisk , … ) .

Help me to delete this volume from instance because with this problem i can not attach any other volume to this instance.


Could you execute openstack server add volume when the instance is shutoff, and fixed the error ?

If not, try this:

  • check the log of nova-libvirt and cinder-volume, and then try to restart them, because of this error tips: libvirtError: Requested operation is not valid.
  • get the instance status info by openstack server show, and check if the volume works.
  • if volume not works, try openstack server reboot --hard the instance, and check the status info again.

I had met the issue seems like this, because of the incorrect authorization in the cinder-volume back end — ceph.

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