OSError: cannot load library 'gobject-2.0': error 0x7e


I installed the package weasyprint according to the instructions Installing weasyprint (Django project).
My system: win 10. I have installed gtk3 and it is present in my PATH
PAYH gtk3

import weasyprint
def order_admin_pdf(request, order_id):
    # Получаем заказ по ID:
    order = get_object_or_404(Order, id=order_id)
    # Передаем объект в функцию render_to через генерацию шаблона pdf.html HTML в виде строки:
    html = render_to_string('shop/orders/order_admin_pdf.html',
                            {'order': order})
    # Создаем объект овтета с типом содержимого application/pdf и заголовком Content-Disposition:
    response = HttpResponse(content_type='application/pdf')
    response['Content-Disposition'] = 'filename=order_{}.pdf"'.format(order.id)
    # Вызов метода weasyprint для получения PDF документа:
                                               settings.STATIC_ROOT + 'css/pdf.css')])
    return response

OSError: cannot load library ‘gobject-2.0’: error 0x7e. Additionally, ctypes.util.find_library() did not manage to locate a library called ‘gobject-2.0’


Starting from Python 3.8 DLL dependencies for extension modules and DLLs loaded with ctypes on Windows are now resolved more securely. Only the system paths, the directory containing the DLL or PYD file, and directories added with add_dll_directory() are searched for load-time dependencies. Specifically, PATH and the current working directory are no longer used, and modifications to these will no longer have any effect on normal DLL resolution.

If you followed the installation guide from the official documentation then the following example works.

import os

os.add_dll_directory(r"C:\Program Files\GTK3-Runtime Win64\bin")

from weasyprint import HTML


In essence you need to call add_dll_directory() before interacting with WeasyPrint.

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