Output score , class and id Extraction using TensorFlow object detection


How can I extract the output scores for objects , object class ,object id detected in images , generated by the Tensorflow Model for Object Detection ?

I want to store all these details into individual variables so that later they can be stored in a database .

Using the same code as found in this link

Please Help me out with the solution to this problem .

I’ve Tried

print(str(output_dict[‘detection_classes’][0] ) , “:” , str(output_dict[‘detection_scores’][0]))

This works and gives the object id and score for the class with the highest probability . But I want to extract the class name too and also the scores , Ids and names for all objects present in the image

Example of output :
There are two dogs in the image . When I print out the result I get the id and score for the object with the highest probability[94% in this case] i want to print the object name too and also similar details for all other objects in the images


You may need some knowledge background about tensorflow object detection, short and quick solution here might be the way you expected :

with detection_graph.as_default():
  with tf.Session(graph=detection_graph) as sess:
    for image_path in TEST_IMAGE_PATHS:
      image = Image.open(image_path)
      image_np = load_image_into_numpy_array(image)
      image_np_expanded = np.expand_dims(image_np, axis=0)
      image_tensor = detection_graph.get_tensor_by_name('image_tensor:0')
      boxes = detection_graph.get_tensor_by_name('detection_boxes:0')
      scores = detection_graph.get_tensor_by_name('detection_scores:0')
      classes = detection_graph.get_tensor_by_name('detection_classes:0')
      num_detections = detection_graph.get_tensor_by_name('num_detections:0')
      # Actual detection.
      (boxes, scores, classes, num_detections) = sess.run(
          [boxes, scores, classes, num_detections],
          feed_dict={image_tensor: image_np_expanded})
      # Visualization of the results of a detection.
      objects = []
      threshold = 0.5 # in order to get higher percentages you need to lower this number; usually at 0.01 you get 100% predicted objects
      for index, value in enumerate(classes[0]):
          object_dict = {}
          if scores[0, index] > threshold:
              object_dict[(category_index.get(value)).get('name').encode('utf8')] = \
                        scores[0, index]
      print (objects)
      print(len(np.where(scores[0] > threshold)[0])/num_detections[0])

Hope this helpful.

Answered By – Chanrithisak PHOK

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