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I was looking through the pandas.query documentation but couldn’t find anything specific about this.
Is it possible to perform a query on a date based on the closest date to the one given, instead of a specific date?

For example lets say we use the wine dataset and creates some random dates.

    import pandas as pd
    import numpy as np
    from sklearn import datasets
    df = pd.DataFrame(datasets.load_wine().data)
    df.columns = datasets.load_wine().feature_names
    def random_dates(start, end, n, unit='D'):
        ndays = (end - start).days + 1
        return pd.to_timedelta(np.random.rand(n) * ndays, unit=unit) + start
    start = pd.to_datetime('2015-01-01')
    end = pd.to_datetime('2022-01-01')
    datelist=random_dates(start, end, 178)

    df['Dates'] = datelist

if you perform a simple query on hue

df.query('hue == 0.6')

you’ll receive three rows with three random dates. Is it possible to pick the query result that’s closest to let’s say 2017-1-1?

so something like

df.query('hue==0.6').query('Date ~2017-1-1')

I hope this makes sense!


Given a series, find the entries closest to a given date:

def closest_to_date(series, date, n=5):
    date = pd.to_datetime(date)
    return abs(series - date).nsmallest(n)

Then we can use the index of the returned series to select further rows (or you change the api to suit you):

(df.loc[df.hue == 0.6]
 .loc[lambda df_: closest_to_date(df_.Dates, "2017-1-1", n=1).index]

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