Perform isTrusted:true event in browser


I’m trying to figure out a way to perform a trusted event programmatically in the browser.

I know it says it’s a readonly event but I figure there must be some sort of work around if the user really wants it. After all the browser/frontend is entirely client side so you should be able to manipulate it yourself if you so choose (via some option in the browser etc)

I came across this answer but I can’t figure out to to implement it.

It can either be a click or a keyboard event.

Can anybody help me out on this?


Web content cannot generate a trusted event under any circumstances — that is the whole point. Some actions don’t care if an event is trusted or not (clicking a link, for example), but some do need to distinguish between a legitimate user-triggered event and a synthetic one create by untrusted web content.

Web Extensions are assumed to be working on the user’s behalf, so they are allowed to create trusted events.

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