Photoshop, merging both these layers so they look the same


Here is my little test image:

Basically they are two images, as you can see on the left is the 1st one and on the right the 2nd one. (and yes, I know one of the images has overlapped and “cut” off the wire)

Unfortunately my lighting was bad so I didnt get the same background color or this would have been easy.

But now that you see it, how do I make it so that it looks like it is one picture? (How do I get rid of that middle seam and get the same background color?)



you can try with this: select part one of your picture (layer) then image–>adjustments–match color then select your sorce psd (the same) and the level !
It’s not always a great solution but give it a chance!
Or you can play araound with layer masks and layer effects

Answered By – Leonardo Gandini

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