Photoshop Scripting: Replace an image


I have a single photoshop file, and 200 image files (png).
Using the photoshop as a pattern, I need to generate 200 new images where each image is a result of a different png placed in the photoshop pattern.

Basically, replacing an image of a layer inside photoshop with external png file I have.

Is it something that can be done automatically using a photoshop script?


Based on the request I suggest using the Variables feature inside photoshop. Menu->Images->Variables

Then just select the layer you want to change and assign a variable name and choose “pixel replacement” behavior.

Outside Photoshop, create a text file with the variable name in the first line and the file names in new lines for each.

Go to menu–>file–>import–>variable datasets and browse for your text file.

If you see your error message then everything is correct.

Go to menu–>file–>export–>datasets to files and voila!

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