PHP Redirect with query parameters


Let’s say I have the following URL:

What I want the PHP query to do is redirect the user to the following URL:

Of course, the URL should not only redirect ?user/1234 but also ?anything/343. I want to leave the url intact and only add the /test/ to it, and leave the part afterwards the same.

How do I accomplish that? All I could find is just general redirection and not specific to URLs. Thanks.


I modified Kasia Gogolek’s answer so that it works for me. This is the solution to my question:

// split the url
$url = parse_url($fullUrl);
$url['path'] = "/test" . $url['path'];
// create the new url with test in the path
$newUrl = $url['path']."?".$url['query'];
header("Location:" .$newUrl);

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