Picking from Dictionary probablity wise


Let’s say I have a dictionary

                          ['Alex', 'Bob', 'Charlie'] 
                          ['Alice', 'Betty', 'Claire'] 

                          ['aaa', 'Bbb', 'cc'] 
                          ['ppp', 'ddd', 'sss'] 


Now let’s say I want to get 60% US names, 40% UK names, but with 50 50 % males and females names.

How Can I do it?

Current approach? Trying to think something similar to this
But I guess it is more complex then that.

I was thinking to get all the names first, then applying a distribution from them? But it is not making some logical sense. Can someone help?

        # all_possible_names = [
        #     name
        #     for list_of_names in [
        #         self.library[area][gender][
        #             "given_names"
        #         ]
        #         for gender in self.genders
        #         for area in self.name_areas
        #     ]
        #     for name in list_of_names
        # ]
        # print(all_possible_names) `



Use random.choices with a weight and choice to split between male/female, assuming your dictionary is named d and N is the total amount of names you’d like, then:

from random import choice, choices

N = 3

names = [
    choice(d[country][choice(['male', 'female'])]['given_names'])
    for country in choices(['us', 'uk'], weights=[0.6, 0.4])
    for _ in range(N)

Answered By – Jon Clements

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