Plugin incompatible with the new build found: Kotlin


I was going to upgrade from Android Studio Bumblebee to Android Studio Dolphin. However, I seem to get an unexpected warning from Android Studio:

Android Studio Warning Image

As you can see the text in red, it shows that newer Android Studio’s build does not support Kotlin! However, in details of Android Studio Dolphin, and image shows Kotlin files being programmed, which means Android Studio Dolphin’s build actually supports Kotlin:

Android Studio Dolphin Details Page Image

Should I update or not, and how should I fix this error, as I am a Kotlin Programmer.
Can somebody please help? Would appreciate it.


As for the Kotlin version, I have the latest Kotlin Version already:

Kotlin Version Image


Full answer:

I faced with the same issue and after research I found people say that reinstalling Kotlin plugin or removing it and update Studio should solve the issue, because Dolphin already includes the Kotlin plugin by default.

BUT For sure you should NOT remove the Kotlin plugin, because otherwise Android Studio will fail launching and after that you need to find on your PC the file named ‘disabled_plugins.txt’ and remove from it Kotlin. OR completely remove Android Studio and reinstall it from the scratch.

Personally I ignored this issue and just updated the Studio. Works well and Kotlin plugin installed. Also I noticed that before update I had Kotlin version 1.7.10 and AS didn’t ask for update the plugin. After update I’ve got 1.7.20.

Good luck 🙂

Answered By – Dmitriy Miyai

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