Possible to change the colour of the indentation guide lines per indentation level?


I can change the indentation guide line colour as shown in this image (the green lines):
Current one

I’d like to have the colour be different per indentation level, to help with code inspection and reading. Similar to this poor edit. Alternatively if it was per scope that’d be even better, i.e. the 2 for loops at the same indenation level would have different colour indentation lines.

Edited one

Anybody know if this is possible in IntelliJ/Android Studio?



The color of the vertical indent guide can be changed in IntelliJ IDEA when you go to Preferences > Editor > Colors & Fonts > General, then select the list item “Vertical indent guide”. See this Screenshot. Tested on Mac OS X with IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate 14.1.4.

Answered By – Christian Siegert

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