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I am trying to restric the app from affected fro system font scaling. I had gone through many solutions but none helped. Most of them tell use dp instead of dp for text sizes but in compose we can use only sp if i am right as it expects a Text Unit.
Is there any right way to restrict font scaling in our app done with jetpack compose ? Please help .

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You can have an extension for Int or Float like this

fun Int.scaledSp(): TextUnit {
    val value: Int = this
    return with(LocalDensity.current) {
        val fontScale = this.fontScale
        val textSize =  value / fontScale

You can add an extension parameter of Int

val Int.scaledSp:TextUnit
    @Composable get() =  scaledSp()

Text(text = "Hello World", fontSize = 20.scaledSp)

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