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On click a image how can another page be previewed in the same page without opening the actual page. Lets say the url /home/home.php?id=3
The preview should be in the preview div:

 <img src="/home/app/img/toggle.gif" onlclick="show();" />
 <div id="preview"></div>   


You can use .load() for this. Here’s an example, HTML like this:

<img src="/home/app/img/toggle.gif" id="previewBtn" />
<div id="preview"></div>

jQuery like this:

$("#previewBtn").click(function() {

Or, if you had lots of previews, something like this more generic works:

<a class="previewBtn" href="/home/home?id=1">Preview 1</a>
<a class="previewBtn" href="/home/home?id=2">Preview 2</a>
<div id="preview"></div>

With this jQuery:

$(".previewBtn").click(function() {

Answered By – Nick Craver

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