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I have this part of python code that should read input values from the screen.
When it runs, it keeps running forever. I tried CTRL+D as per the search results, but it does not work. This code is given and it works when I submit the code to an online grader but does not work on my windows machine.

if __name__ == "__main__":
    data = list(map(int,
    n, capacity = data[0:2]
    values = data[2:(2 * n + 2):2]
    weights = data[3:(2 * n + 2):2]

    opt_value = get_optimal_value(capacity, weights, values)


Sample input should be:

3 2
20 50 
12 12
51 51


On Windows you should use Ctrl-Z instead of Ctrl-D. Also, this should be the first character of a newline, and there should be a newline (enter) after the Ctrl-Z as well. There may be other characters after the Ctrl-Z, which will be ignored.

So, the shortest sequence to force an EOL on Windows is: Enter, Ctrl-Z, Enter.

I know this from experience and did found some answers or comments stating the same, but I couldn’t find any official documentation where this is explained. If I find it, I will add it to this answer.

(please leave a comment if you know a reliable source for this behaviour.)

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