Project 'react-native-reanimated' not found in root project


In my react native project I don’t have "react-native-reanimated" but when I rebuilt my project I got this error:
"Project "react-native-reanimated" was not found in the root project

So when I install ‍react-native-reanimated‍ I get an NDK install error, but when I install the ndk and get the apk from the project, the app won’t open and crashes.

So I uninstalled react-native-reanimated and ndk and cmake but again I got the error "project 'react-native-reanimated' was not found in the root project"

please help me

Android Studio Error Message Picture


Possible gradle related issue – try out the solutions in this post:
Android: Project 'MyProject' not found in root project 'MyProject'

But basically, delete the .gradle folder in your project’s root folder and resync gradle from Android Studio.

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