Python – cant find pip.ini or pip.conf in Windows


I got Python 2.7.8 installed on my Win7 machine, which comes with pip already pre-installed.
I’m successfully able to install new packages from pip and now I need to add custom repository url to the install list of pip

To do so I need to modify pip.ini which is in %APPDATA%\pip\pip.ini according to the Official Manual
However there are no pip folder anywhere (not in Roaming, not in Local, not in LocalLow)
nor there exists PyPa folder in: C:\ProgramData\PyPA\pip\pip.conf

Could you tell me where do i search for pip.ini? how to add foreign repo to the install list?


Finally got it sorted.

Apparently for Windows users pip.ini config file is not created, however can be added manually!

just create new %APPDATA%\pip\pip.ini and content of custom repository:

find-links = https://<login>:<password>


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