python flask – how can i make more space between body elements


How can i make space between body elements becuse currently my body elements stick together while i want to make more space between them. Any idea how to do it?

This is my code:

        <img src= '' style= 'width:120px;height:100px;'>
        <h3><p style="color:white ">Youtube to MP4 converter</p></h3>

        <form method = 'POST'>
            <input name = 'input' type= 'text' placeholder = 'Insert video link here:' >

        <h3><p style="color:white ">Best Youtube to MP4 converter</p></h3>


and here is my body:

body {
        background: url(''); 
        display: compact; 
        background-size: 100%;" 


The quickest but not most efective solution is just by adding a cuple of empty <p></p> or <h1></h1> elements.

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