Python: get correct link with dynamic URLs in Flask with url_for()


I have html template, and python function(driver_links), my functional work but I have the wrong link

html template (driver_id.html):

<a href="{{ url_for('driver_links', driver_id=key[0]) }}">{{key[0]}}</a>


def driver_links(driver_id):

    context = {

        "report": sort_asc_desc('data', 'asc'),
        "test": driver_id
    return render_template('driver_id.html', **context)

wrong link I have:

if I change @app.route in function(driver_links) to:


I get a correct link, but function doesn’t work

example correct link:


Choose between variable rules or url parameters.
If you use the former, the required, extracted parameter is passed as a variable to the function.

def driver_links(driver_id):
    # ...

With the latter, you have to ask for the optional parameter from the dictionary request.args and no arguments are passed to the function.

from flask import request

def driver_links():
    driver_id = request.args.get('driver_id')
    # ...

Note that you can specify a default value and a type conversion here. You can find the documentation for this here.

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