Python Keras: An layer output exactly the same thing as input


I am using Keras to build a Network. During the process, I need a layer, which takes an LSTM input, doing nothing, just output exactly the same as input. i.e. if each input record of LSTM is like [[A_t1, A_t2, A_t3, A_t4, A_t5, A_t6]], I am looking for a layer:


SomeIdentityLayer(x) will take [[A_t1, A_t2, A_t3, A_t4, A_t5, A_t6]] as input and output [[A_t1, A_t2, A_t3, A_t4, A_t5, A_t6]]. Is such layer/structure available in Keras? Thanks!


For a simpler operation like identity, you can just use a Lambda layer like:

model.add(Lambda(lambda x: x))

This will return an output exactly the same as your input.

Answered By – Clarence Leung

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