Python nested dict. return deepest dict to csv


I’m trying to return some values from a nested dict (based on a json) to a csv without success due to the following structure.


What I need to return in a csv are fields "serial_number", "user", "status".
The FTKMOB21xxxxD change for each device and I need to consider it as a dynamic value, I suppose that a loop based on its position is needed.

Could you please help me to understood how to do that?


It’s straight-forward with pandas:

import pandas as pd

df = pd.DataFrame(input_dict['results'])
df.T[["serial_number", "user", "status"]].to_csv('output.csv', index=False)

Your csv will then look like:

FTKMOB21xxxxD,pippo,{'name': 'activated'}
FTKMOB21xxxxF,,{'name': 'pending'}
Edit: if you actually want status/name as status, you have to reassign df['status']:
df = pd.DataFrame.from_dict(input_dict['results'], orient='index', columns=["serial_number", "user", "status"])
df['status'] = pd.DataFrame(df['status'].to_list())['name'].to_list()
df.to_csv('output.csv', index=False)

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