Python: Transform or Melt and Groupby a Dataframe


I have something like this:

df =
       col1  col2  col3
    0     B     C     A
    1     E     D     G
    2   NaN     F     B

EDIT : I need to convert it into this:

result =
           Name    location  
        0     B   col1,col2
        1     C        col1     
        2     A        col1
        3     E        col2     
        4     D        col2        
        5     G        col2     
        6     F        col3

Essentially getting a "location" telling me which column an "Name" is in. Thank you in advance.


Or an alternative with stack():

new = df.stack().reset_index().drop('level_0',axis=1).dropna()
new.columns = ['name','location']


   name location
0  col1        B
1  col2        C
2  col3        A
3  col1        E
4  col2        D
5  col3        G
6  col2        F


To get your updated output you could use a groupby along with join():

new.groupby('location').agg({'name':lambda x: ', '.join(list(x))}).reset_index()

Which gives you:

 location        name
0        A        col3
1        B  col1, col3
2        C        col2
3        D        col2
4        E        col1
5        F        col2
6        G        col3

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